Johnny Depp-Amber Heard Trial Enters Final Days: What to Know ?

Mr. Depp and Ms. Heard are suing each other over competing for defamation claims. The case will go to a grand jury on May 27.

The Virginia defamation trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, approaching its final week, has turned into a fierce battle to find out the truth about their relationship, in both sides accusing the other of re-committing domestic violence, which undeniably caused a stir in marriage.

Before a jury of seven at Fairfax County Court, attorneys questioned witnesses about the events of what described as a romance that began onset and turned into a series of fights and physical clashes – the details vary widely by account.

Mr. Depp, 58, sued Ms. Heard, 36, for defamation after wrote an article for The Washington Post describing herself as a ‘representative of domestic violence. After more than a year of legal battles, Ms. Heard then filed a counter-suit against Mr. Depp, alleging that he defamed her when her former lawyer issued statements alleging her abuse allegations. is a hoax.

Many of the allegations brought up in the courtroom were heard in a UK case – which Mr. Depp lost – in which the actor sued The Sun newspaper for publishing a headline calling him a “Woman drumming”.

In her testimony, Ms. Heard described Mr. Depp as a controlling husband who was physically abusive before being accused of infidelity. In his testimony, Mr. Depp described Ms. Heard as a ruthless partner who always sought to incite fights.

The case, which began with arguments ending April 12, will go to a jury on May 27.